We have been providing the
following services for over 36 years!

- DOT Authorized Hydro Testing Facility.

- 24 to 48 hour turn around on Hydrostatic Testing.
   Includes all DOT requirements as prescribed by the CFR 49 and CGA 6.1 & 6.2.
   Overnight "emergency" services provided on request for all SCBA packs.

- All services done “in house.”
Service provided for all 3A, 3AA, 3AL, 3HT and FRP “E” cylinders.
   Steel, Aluminum and Fiber Wrapped bottles, tanks and cylinders.
   O2, CO2 and HP air bottles or fire bottles.

Scott Air Packs, Interspiro, MSA and all other major brands.

- Pick up and delivery available at minimal cost.

- Hydrostatic (cylinder requalification) testing on all SCBA, SCUBA, Oxygen, CO2 and Storage (banks) bottles.

- We use the “Visual Plus 3” to exceed CGA and PSI "standard" visual inspection methods.
Visual Plus uses NDT (NON DESTRUCTIVE) eddy current testing.

- Valve Removal and Reinstall to manufacturers specifications as requested
Some departments prefer to do their own valve R and R, some prefer us to provide that service.      We are happy to deal with either method.

- O-ring replacement as requested.

- Internal cylinder cleaning for dirty or stained cylinders.

- Easy Payment process:
Purchase orders (PO’s) accepted
   District, government or company Credit Cards accepted
   Net 30 billing available

- "On Site" test while you wait available upon request (if you have bottles out of hydro and need to put into service ASAP)

- You will always get your bottles back cleaner than they left and your valves will not be damaged during transit.

Hydrostatic Testing Facility
5000 Burwell Street
Bremerton, WA 98312

Also home to Sound Dive Center, HydroLab, and HydroTester.com!

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DOT: Department of Transportation